International Council of Coaching Accreditation

ICCA Council Certification and Accreditation Agency that defines, maintains and promotes excellence in the practice and teaching of coaching through quality assurance processes and verification of good practice.

I.C.C.A.®  Accreditation Standards

The Education Quality Accreditation Standards
The I.C.C.A.®    Standards become an easy and effective instrument for measuring institutional education quality on international level because they are not affected by local legislative formats, regulations or cultural idiosyncrasies. The following standards constitute a MUST that every school should comply with.



A1. Identification.
A2. Legal authorization.
A3. Accreditation, recognitions and references.
A4. Facilities.
A5. Financial stability.
A6. Qualified staff.
A7. Educational values & ethics.
A8. Permanent quality control.
A9. Continuous improvement.



B1. Information & Veracity.
B2. Admission Procedures.
B3. Legal contract.
B4. Assistance.
B5. Post-Graduate Service.



C1. Courses / Programs description.
C2. Hours of study.
C3. Course objectives or expected learning outcomes.
C4. Course contents & materials.
C5. Course delivery & availability.
C6. Course update.
C7. Teaching methodology.
C8. Tutorial or guidance.
C9. Teachers proficiency.
C10. Assessment & Evaluation.
C11. Certificate or diploma.
C12. Transcript or equivalent.


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