International Council of Coaching Accreditation

ICCA Council Certification and Accreditation Agency that defines, maintains and promotes excellence in the practice and teaching of coaching through quality assurance processes and verification of good practice.

Becoming a Professionally Certified Coach or an Accredited Institute or Center

The fact is, no matter how much training and experience you have, your clients want to know that you are certified and accredited.

To become an internationally Certified Master Coach Trainer or Accredited School please download and complete application for the accreditation you wish to apply.

Upon acceptance you will be sent a Certification stating your international accreditation.

There is a re-certification process each four years.

Certifying Coaches and Accredited Coaching Programmes and Institutions with a clear advantage

I.C.C.A. provides the most comprehensive Coaching accreditation and certifications available anywhere, we specialized in recognition, and we don’t actually teach coaching but work closely with the best practitioners and Coaching Training Schools that integrate the best of many fields of Coaching.

We create rapid and sustainable improvement in the credibility for certified coaches and accredited institutions of Coaching, at the same time we benefit their clients. The need is real, the tools exist, and so we link arms with others who hear the same call to lead a life of significance and service.

We do this by evaluating institutes and Coaches to effectively lead themselves and others wherever it is that they want to go with their recognition.

More than just a “membership” or “affiliation”, as premier coach training school or practitioners we ensure that students incorporate their abilities into their Coaching so they can have the greatest impact on their world. We are not interested in simply affiliating coaches, but making sure they work under high quality standards with ethics and excellence.

  Accreditation, Certification & Appointment.

The Certification for Coaches is maintained as a service to Professional Coaches Practitioners at I.C.C.A.

Successful candidates are authorized to carry the initials C.M.C.p. ® (Certified Master Coach practitioner) after their names and are issued a special second certificate (in addition to their Membership Certificate) attesting to the fact they have met all of the certification requirements as determined by the Commission on Certification of the International Council of Coaching Accreditation (I.C.C.A.).

Prof. John Coach, C.M.C.p.

NOTICE: The title C.M.C.p. ® (Certified Master Coach practitioner) are registered trademarks owned exclusively by the International Council of Coaching Accreditation (I.C.C.A.) and may not be used or issued by any person or company without specific authorization from the International Council of Coaching Accreditation is (I.C.C.A.).  National Headquarters in Mexico City.


International Quality Control with the University Azteca

The University Azteca from Mexico develops in cooperation with ICCA & ICI Assessments for a worldwide new extern quality control of NLP and Coaching trainings.

ECTS credit points for certificates with ICCA seals

“Master Coach Trainer, ICCA” can write on their website and on their ICCA sealed certificates:

 “Because of the high quality of this training it may be recognized as ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit points in academic studies in psychology with a focus on NLP and Coaching.”

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