International Council of Coaching Accreditation

ICCA Council Certification and Accreditation Agency that defines, maintains and promotes excellence in the practice and teaching of coaching through quality assurance processes and verification of good practice.

 About Us

We’re an internationally recognized accrediting agency!

The International Council of Coaching Accreditation (I.C.C.A. ) is an agency specialized in Accreditation, Professional Certification, Membership and Diploma Endorsement  located in Mexico City and Berlin Germany European Union.  The Council is associated to the International Association of Coaching Institutes ICI  with more than 15 years of existence. With Its years of history and its highly refined and recognized coaching members, ICCA and ICI offer institutions and coaches the most current, relevant and practical services for the 21st Century related to recognition and research in Coaching.

The International Council of Coaching Accreditation (I.C.C.A. ) is a leading global organization dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent Professional Certification for Coaching Practitioners and Institutional Accreditation for Schools and Course Curriculums specialized in Coaching teachings, at the same time building a worldwide network of coaches.

The International Council of Coaching Accreditation (I.C.C.A.)  is more than just a “membership” or “affiliation” organization, I.C.C.A. recognizes the premier coach training school and practitioners. We ensure that their students incorporate their abilities into their coaching so they can have the greatest impact on their world. We are not interested simply in affiliating Coaches, but making sure they work under high quality standards with ethics and excellence.

I.C.C.A. defines, maintains, and promotes excellence in practice and teaching for institutions and professional practitioners.

I.C.C.A. is dedicated to fostering quality assurance, protection of the rights of the students and institutional self-improvement through voluntary accreditation via peer evaluation. I.C.C.A. accreditation aims to instill public confidence in I.C.C.A. institutions’ missions, goals, performances, and resources through rigorous application and peer-developed accreditation standards.  I.C.C.A. gathers experienced Coaching Schools, Institutes, and highly qualified Coaching Members from all over the world: Australasia, China, the Middle East, Europe, USA, Latin America.

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